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Whether you’ve got a finished manuscript—or merely an inkling for a best seller—navigating the path of self-publishing can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right tools, content, marketing, and distribution strategies in place, being successful is a lot more achievable than it sounds.

IngramSpark’s Josh Floyd will offer insights on using the IngramSpark platform for Print-on-Demand and Distribution through Ingram Book Company, considerations for preparing your book for the market, advice for pricing your books for specific markets, and finally, best practices for success to the Retail Market. To learn more visit

Ingram Content Group is made of the distribution arm of Ingram, the POD system of Ingram Sparks, the Ingram Library Services, and much more. A class that is well worth your time and energy that will help you to succeed!


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Josh promotes the growth, sales, and brand of the IngramSpark platform to independent authors and publishers along with providing education to the industry on how best to utilize Ingram’s Publish-On-Demand services for bringing a new book to market or for breathing life into an out-of-print title. Josh has been with Ingram for over a decade and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies with a minor in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University To learn more about IngramSpark, please go to

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