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What would you like to learn? Our video classes range from pre-publishing, publishing, marketing, sales and advanced programs.

To Publish or Not to Publish, that is the question! What are your goals for your manuscript and you?
You've written your manuscript, but now you are unsure how to publish it. Our services help writers find the best options that suit their needs and desires.
Our sessions help a soon-to-be-published author what is expected to be an author, and what the cost of being published entails.
Book Marketing is more components to it than most authors are prepared for or desire. We help guide the author along a path best suited for them.
Continuous sales for the author's book is a long-term goal. How you achieve this goal is what we assist the author in preparing for.
Revenue Sources
The sales of books is just one avenue offered today to authors that seek out a variety of ways to create revenue streams. We continue to lead this path and help authors understand their options.

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Devoted to Indie Authors - B. Alan Bourgeois is driven by a passion to help Indie Authors succeed. He works tirelessly ferreting out new opportunities and implementing new programs and ideas to ensure their success. I have never known a more dedicated and selfless individual.

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"Authors Marketing Guild LLC help promote authors in a variety of ways. Join now for a multitude of benefits." Patty Raymond Books/Davica Press & Consulting Services

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Programs and Events to help any author expand their horizon.

This contest is open to any author whose book was published in this calendar year.
Each year we accept short stories up to 3,000 words. The winners are published in an Anthology that is distributed to libraries at no cost. Open to any author.
Beginning in July 2023, we will have a poetry contest open to any poet. Winners are published in an anthology that is distributed to libraries.
Each year we hold our annual event that draws authors from around the country in person, and around the world virtually. This fun, educational event is where authors grow professionally and find friends for life.