Special Bookstore Ad Run for NEW or Old Books
As a member of the ABA, we can participate in this program at a reduced cost, which we can pass on to you, the author to take advantage of this program.

Digital Distribution in May to: Ingram's top 3,500 retail accounts
Physical Distribution in July to: ABA's 750 most active IndieBound bookstores

The cost is $200 for a ¼ page ad, with the following information (see sample above):

  • cover image
  • title data (title, author, ISBN, 30-word description, price, and distributor/wholesaler)
  • publishing company name
  • publisher/author website and email contact

If you would like to take advantage of this program, please submit the payment below.  Once payment is made, you will be directed via PayPal to the page to submit the information needed for this ad.  If however, you are not taken to that page in due time, please click here: 



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