Authors School of Business, LLC., (ASB) value is to help authors with straightforward and honest training, education, and resources that can assist the author to succeed. However, none of the tips and tools offered by ASB can work without the understanding of the author that they will have to work towards their own success.

From day one, B Alan Bourgeois has worked hard to create a program that not only helps authors to succeed, but to make sure they are not taken advantage of and can properly earn their fair share of book sales. This concept has proven time and time again to be of great value for authors that work with our programs.

While not every author has a resounding success rate, over the years, the surveys have proven that authors who use our system do see an increase in sales and profit. The biggest amount is from the group that uses at least 75% of our resources, they see on average an increase in sales of 150% or more. Even those that only use 10% of our resources can see increased sales.

Bourgeois fully understands that the free market will always play a role in how successful authors can be, but he has made it clear to NOT overcharge for services and programs. This in itself, has caused some financial frustration for him, but as he continues to develop the program, he adjusts the income and cost factors while keeping authors in mind, along with the goal of success for everyone.

Bourgeois is not about greed and making a profit for stockholders, instead, he knows that when the profit is shared with everyone, from employees to authors, to stockholders, then everyone is elevated to support each other. That is one reason why Bourgeois will also share with the authors and others when he discovers a company that may be more concerned about their profits than actually helping and supporting authors. There is space for ASB to make money, while also helping authors to succeed, without being ripped off.

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