Becki Willis

Best-Selling Author

Rescheduled to November 18, 2023, as part of the Lone Star Festival.


Writing is about more than simply putting words on paper. Writing a novel is about storytelling. It’s about the characters within your novel, and how they interact with one another.

In this session, you’ll learn how to develop strong, multi-faceted characters who resonate with readers and keep them coming back for more.



Readers want to feel vested in your characters, so your number one goal is to make your characters believable. In this session, you’ll learn:

• How to create perfectly imperfect characters

• How to develop characters through backstory (without bogging down your current tale)

• Easy developmental exercises

• How to leave your readers begging for more, aka buying more books. (*Essential for successful series)


More about Becki Willis

Becki Willis is a multi-award-winning author, but her biggest compliment comes when readers say each new book in a series is ‘like visiting with old friends.’ Her books have consistently appeared on numerous Amazon Top 100 Lists in her specialty genres of Cozy Mysteries, Women’s Crime Fiction, Women’s Detective Fiction, Crime Thrillers, and more.

This year, Becki is celebrating her tenth anniversary as a published author.


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