Charlotte Canion

Learn to be a Better Speaker


If you can chat with a friend, you can become a speaker. I will give you tools that will enable you to speak in front of three, thirty-three, (or even more). Practice – Practice – Practice! Everything we do in life that causes us to step out of our comfort zones gives us power and can be accomplished with practice. Most of you are authors and have written a book or two. What you need to hear is that your book is your written voice. This class will prepare you to step in front of your audience with a story to share, that is your story. And you will have the confidence to Stand-up and Sell Your Books.



In this class, we will go into more detail about each aspect of being a speaker.

  • Intro: “ Hook” the audience with something exciting about your talk.
  • Beginning: Give your audience a glimpse into your world.
  • Middle: The middle is the meat of the talk. You lay out a foundation (Like designing your book cover- that opens the window of your book.
  • End: Leave them wanting more. Treat your talk like roller coaster that everyone wants to ride.


Additional information about Charlotte:

Charlotte Canion is a multi-faceted modern woman who combines the most useful ideas from her experience to help others. She has been the owner of several businesses and as a creative writer has published articles all over the world. Recently, Charlotte won the prestigious title of “One of the TOP 50 Author You Should Be Reading”. The media who have interviewed Charlotte call her a pleasure to work with and everyone who hears her speak are blessed by her message. Charlotte is also a Texas Superstar Specialist and Texas Master Gardener. Her next book is on gardening.


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