Michael Winkfield

Getting Your Book Optioned as a Movie or Television Show




As authors, many of us have imagined our well-crafted narratives being made into the next movie or television show. Unfortunately, the entertainment world is a closed industry and chances are if you don't know anyone on the inside or have a big star attached to your project, your work won't be seen, no matter how amazing it is.

While that is tough for writers, producers have their own situation. Not only are traditional networks and studios in competition for great content, but companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are producing great original movies, shows and series as well. Storyrocket is bridging this gap by bringing writers and producers together to get good works optioned. During this talk, we’re going to explore how to make sure your work is ready for the big screen and how to properly pitch to producers.



  • • Understanding the current opportunities for authors
  • • How your writing choices affect the likelihood that your book will be optioned
  • • Crafting the best tagline for your book
  • • The difference between a logline and a summary
  • • How social media comes into play
  • • Creating an elevator pitch that will attract producers
  • • How Storyrocket helps connect writers to producers


Handout: Pending

Room: TBA



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