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Author Book Trailers: Gourmet Video on a Top Ramen Budget - Intermediate




One of the biggest hurdles for authors who want to add video to their marketing efforts is the cost. It affects either the quality, and therefore the effectiveness of their book trailer, or stops them from producing anything at all. In this session we’ll look at how combining a video producer’s eye with minimal capital will make a world a difference to improve the professional look of your video.



The basic tools: Smartphone or expensive video camera, it’s all about the accessories.

Lighting and sound: Just a little bit of forethought and a $10 investment.

Content. Content; content — but pretty pictures are nice. A few tips on free and/or cheap stock photography, video and music.

Examples of effective video at near zero cost.

Go pro and hire someone: How to bundle a professional session to reduce your CPB (cost per book) and boost your ROI (return on investment) into something YCA (you can afford).

Links with advice to do it yourself.


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Larry Brill spent most of his adult life as a TV news anchor and reporter. His first two, well received novels skewered the broadcast business with settings in different centuries. In his spare time away from fiction, he has a day job producing marketing videos for small businesses and, occasionally, authors.


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