Tui Snider

Taming the Amazon Tiger



As an author, your success or failure on Amazon can seem just as unpredictable as a wild tiger. After all, when you publish a book online, Amazon’s AI will either purr like a kitten or tear your manuscript to shreds.

It does not have to be this way!

With systematic preparation and a carefully thought out game plan, you can train Amazon’s AI tiger to notice your book and promote it. This, in turn, will boost your sales.


Since 2014, author Tui Snider has spent countless hours experimenting and studying the best ways to tame Amazon’s AI tiger. It was not easy and there were times she wanted to run away. But let’s face it, running away from Amazon is like leaving money on the table.

In this presentation, Tui reveals how to create a game plan for making Amazon’s AI work for you. This will save you the time and energy she put into learning the hard way.

Please note: This class is not for the faint of heart. Much like taming a real tiger, Tui’s techniques require patience, dedication, passion, and hard work. However, when you learn how to make Amazon’s AI to work for you, it becomes a monstrously strong ally helping you sell books around the world, day and night.

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Tui Snider is an award-winning writer, speaker, photographer, and musician specializing in offbeat sites, overlooked history, cemetery symbolism, and haunted lore. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction, but then I moved to Texas!”

Tui has worn a lot of hats in her life - literally - and is especially fond of berets. Her writing and photography have been featured in a variety of outlets, including Coast to Coast AM, WFAA TV, LifeHack, and Lone Star Literary Life. Tui loves giving presentations and occasionally teaches classes based on her book, Understanding Cemetery Symbols, at TCU.

Snider’s Amazon best-selling books include Unexpected Texas, Paranormal Texas, Understanding Cemetery Symbols, 100 Things to Do in Dallas - Fort Worth Before You Die, and more. Tui enjoys connecting with readers on social media as @TuiSnider and through her website:

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