Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey

Author's Branding & Media Kit



Authors Breakfield and Burkey will discuss some of things to consider for your brand and image. We will also review key components of your media kit.



Our world revolves around thumbs up and thumbs down. Part of this is an issue of your brand and how that applies to different aspects of your journey as an author. We will review how people recognize you, steps you can take, and the critical items to consider in creating your brand then reflecting it in your media kit.


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Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey are technologists professionals who work with customers around the world to optimize their technology investments and digital transformations. Leveraging this expertise they co-author as Breakfield and Burkey with theirTechnoThriller series and various short stories across multiple genres. They have won multiple awards with Texas Authors, CIPA Evvy, InD'Tale, and Dan Poynter awards for their novels, book trailers, and audible with their series narrator Derek Shoales. Burkey loves hosting author interviews for the Indie Beacon Show, a part of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC program.


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