Scott Andrew James

Creating Your Lunch Line Pitch



The classic idea of an elevator pitch isn't realistic. Do strangers ask you questions in elevators? No. But there is another kind of situation we find ourselves in all the time-- standing in line at a conference, networking meeting, or other event. When someone asks "What are you working on?" you have an opportunity. Are you ready? Do you know what to say? In this workshop, Scott will take a deep dive into what the Lunch Line Pitch is, talk through examples from clients, and lead a mini-workshop to help all in attendance build a first draft of their own Lunch Line Pitch.



You will learn how to:

- Quick pitch your current next book in less than 5 seconds

- Pitch yourself in just a sentence or two (No more wondering what to say!)

- Get agents, readers, friends, and family actually interested in what you’re working on


Scott Andrew James

Scott Andrew James coaches authors and solopreneurs on finding their rocket fuel and transforming the way they communicate. Former Author Brand Manager for Greenleaf Book Group and Head Purpose-Finder at Avasta Press, he has been cited on as one of "27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From." He co-developed the award-winning Underground Book Club at Attack! Marketing and has presented at events including O'Reilly Tools of Change Author (R)evolution and the National Speakers Association Annual Conference. More at


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