Ana Benitez & Danielle A Vann

Discover How to Get Your Book in Front of FIlm/TV Producers!



Have your readers told you that your book should be turned into a movie? Do you believe this opportunity is reserved for a lucky few?

The entertainment world has been changing. Years ago, the opportunity for a self-published author to be picked up for production was close to zero. Today, the way we consume media has radically changed, and Covid-19 has expedited streaming entertainment even more.

Here’s the good news: technology is opening opportunities for books of all genres. What we’ve seen in over 20 years in the entertainment business is that most authors don’t know what steps to take, nor how to prepare. The information we’ll provide will save you from making costly mistakes on your “book-to-screen” journey. And, it all starts with how producers want to see your work… as a Pitch Package.



Getting your book in front of producers and agents is never easy. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. But, understanding what you need to do and how to use technology to your benefit, finally gives you a shot.

Start building your author platform with the things that truly matter. We will demystify the book-to-screen journey so that you understand what elements are necessary to have in your toolbox and how to pull them together quickly.

We’ll walk you through the different sections that comprise a pitch package and how to build one. We’ll dive into why having a well-crafted logline and doing continuous promotion is key… whether an agent represents you or not.


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