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LaShaunda C. Hoffman

10 Ways To Get Ready For Your Book Promotion


Most writers spend a lot of time writing their manuscript that they don’t make time to get ready for their book promotion. Preparing for your book promotion, keeps you from being overwhelmed when it’s time to promote your book. It helps you stay consistent and attract readers to grow your readership and increase your book sales..

Inside this workshop, you will learn about 10 tools to create your promotion kit to put you on the path to becoming a Social Butterfly with your online book promotion.



  • Tool #1 – Your Email List
  • Tool #2 – Who Are Your Readers And Where Are They?
  • Tool #3 – Your Promotion Goals
  • Tool #4 – Your Promotion Plan
  • Tool #5 – Your Promotion Calendar
  • Tool #6 – Email Address/Email Signature
  • Tool #7 – Your Website/Blog – Home Base
  • Tool #8 – Your Social Media Platforms
  • Tool #9 – Promotion Sites
  • Tool #10 – Videos/Podcasts/Radio


More About LaShaunda

LaShaunda Hoffman is the author of Building Online Relationships - One Reader At A Time about how she created and promoted Shades Of Romance Magazine a digital magazine for readers and writers of multicultural literature for 20 years online. She’s a Book Promotion Strategist who teaches writers how to become Social Butterflies by developing creative promotion strategies and creating compelling content for their promotion that keeps them consistent, building relationships and increasing sales. She is currently working on her first women fiction novel.



Virtual link, simply click on this link.  You do not need to be logged into a Zoom account - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84056492486?pwd=TlpkcHZ2ek1Sb25OZ0I3ZDlubGcyZz09



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