James M. Rankin

Author & National Marketing Director

From Writing a Book to Building your Company’s Benefit Package


What many promising authors overlook in their planning is that they are building a company with their works. Many authors have left their old jobs to pursue their newfound freedom. James will share with you some exciting news about building your company with benefits for you and your family. You will learn:

  • How to structure your company.
  • How to design a benefit and retirement package for yourself.
  • How to fund your initial startup expense tax-free.



There are many tax laws that are designed to favor small business owners. James will discuss some of these tax laws that could benefit your company. He will outline a financial literacy program for authors that will get and keep you moving in the right financial direction. Also, James will cover a special one person 401 (k) retirement plan that is designed for the author that provides growth, tax deduction, flexibility, and liquidity.


More About James M. Rankin:

James is a published author of fourteen books on a wide variety of subjects from Sales Training, Business Planning, Philosophy and Poetry. He is a National Marketing Director of Moody Insurance Group, Inc., a national financial service corporation, catering to independent financial professionals. He provides training, recruitment, and one on one coaching. James is the author of a national financial literacy book entitled, Income Engineering. He lives on an island off the coast of Texas called Galveston.


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