My books are time capsules that combine artwork, prose and poetry, or graphics to show in common patterns of experience in our lives. Every person has a chaotic sequence of experiences creating their life collage that in literature might be described as a narrative or life story. In many of our own lives these experiences remain fragmented. Then, we have trouble identifying our own narrative. My time collages are intended to represent that chaotic chain of experiences and offer other opportunities for the reader to process images and language elements of generalized patterns. I hope these relationships may be useful in the reader's personal lives.

When I graduated from high school in 1965 I worked in graphics for an aircraft company contracted to NASA. I helped make long Mylar PERT charts which covered rows of tables. One day the boss called us to a table to show us photographs. I was in awe. There on the table was a Hasselblad color photo of Astronaut Edward White; the first American had just floated in space. A new and fresh blue earth revolved behind him. This photo was later published as a cover on Life Magazine. It changed my perspective of everything. Visual images and language together help create our perspective and create a providence, or map, which helps us create our personal fate. For fifty years I combined artwork and technical illustration with written content to explain processes for preschool, public school, university, and health professionals. All of my books, or sequential collages, express the transparency within life's process.



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