Liverpool Merseyside, England
Mixed group of writers. Ages, genders, styles. Different genres too - but we encourage and inspire each other, read our work. Occasional teaching sessions.
Thanet Merseyside, England
The group meets to support, inform and educate writers about all aspects of writing, from elements of writing like character-building, point of view and continuity, to finding an agent and publishing services.

The Guild was founded in 1976. As a women’s writing guild, we are culturally diverse. From the beginning, we’ve represented women from many backgrounds.

We wanted to make a place where all women writers feel welcome, inspired, and empowered by skills, resources, and mentoring.

The Circle was formed in March 1990. Its aim is to encourage and support writers of all levels of experience, and to raise the profile of writing in the area. We meet monthly in a creative hub where members can read their work, offering and receiving constructive feedback, in a friendly environment. There is a monthly newsletter, with details of competitions and markets, and we occasionally publish an anthology of members’ work. Annual awards are held with trophies and certificates presented at a special dinner in January. Visitors to our group are also welcome.
The Talliston Writers’ Circle is a challenging and supportive group for all levels of talent and experience. Offering monthly meetings in a unique environment, our aim is to inspire writers to create their best, most engaging new work – and to share stories that delight and surprise. Authors will discover a creative hub of feedback and support, while newer writers gain the confidence to tell their story.

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