What is the process for submitting artwork?

Many graphic designers of book cover generally submit the final copy of the artwork at 300 dpi, which is ok for the printing of books, but not always good for other types of printing. We recommend that the author have at least 600 dpi for best quality, especially if the book cover or logo is going to be enlarged. An author may run into some feedback from the graphic designer about the size, but just kindly remind them that you paid for a high-quality piece of work.

Once we receive the artwork via email, we will review it to determine if it will be of good enough quality to work with the items the author would like the cover to be on. If not, we will notify you within 1 – 2 business days if the artwork needs to be replaced or is acceptable.

If the artwork is accepted, we will then upload it and get an image of the item the author wants to show them how it will look. If the author is pleased with it and approves the item, we will then place an order for the product in the quantity and size they requested. We will also create a store for that author to sell their product line.


Will authors be able to order their merchandise for in-person events at a discount?

Yes, students of the Authors School of Business automatically have access to a coupon that gives them 25% off the retail price of the product. This applies to any size order. If the author wishes to order a larger quantity of 50 or more, an additional discount will be arranged for the author at the time of ordering. The additional discount is only valid for a large one-time order and not for a large quantity spread out over time.


Will someone from ASB or someone else be able to assist with bulk orders?

Our goal is to make sure the author orders products that are of high quality and something they would be proud to sell with their image on. We believe in a hands-on approach to helping the author to achieve the best results. To achieve this, we work closely with the author to obtain the best quality artwork and guide them through the process of creating the product line for their store.


What is the normal processing time to have the store up and running?

Once we have a good piece of artwork, and the author has indicated what products they want to sell, we can have a store up and running within 2-5 business days. It depends on the current workload as to when the store will be up and running.

If an author has a date deadline, they should be clear with ASB at the time of processing the request for a product line. ASB will at that time determine if the store can be up and running by that deadline.


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