We are excited to introduce a new program that will make it easier for authors to manage their marketing budget over a one-year period. Students of the Authors School of Business can now request a specific amount for our marketing services at the beginning of the year and pay it out in installments. This will help you budget your marketing expenses and allow you to promote your existing or new books more actively.

Similar to the pay-over-time options that are becoming more common, this program allows you to set aside funds for events or programs you wish to attend. It's easy to set up – email us at AuthorsSchool@outlook.com with the dollar amount of marketing services you would like to arrange for 2023. We will then create a PayPal invoice that allows you to pay it out over a period of 10 months, with no interest or late fees. Plus, if you set up and pay $100 or more, we will add a 10% credit to your chosen amount. For example, if you set up $100, you'll receive an extra $10 credit, and if you set up $250, you'll receive an extra $25 credit, and so on.

If you are not fully aware of which program or event you want to take advantage of, we do have two options at the end of the list for you to select from that can be applied to any program that we may add in the near future.

To take advantage of this program, please complete the following information:

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