The Core Principles for the Authors School of Business

Over the years, the Authors School of Business has helped many authors achieve different levels of success. Each author chooses how far they want to grow and succeed. Through their growth, we have grown and fined-tuned what we did and the programs we offered to authors.

As we begin 2023, we understand that many authors are acutely not aware of the opportunities and pitfalls that lie ahead of them. It is for this reason, that we have created a program designed to help an author through four key points: Pre-Publishing, Publishing, Marketing, and Sales. While each of the four aspects implies certain things, most authors are not aware of the hidden facts that lie beneath the four key points, which when used properly, can lead an author to success far beyond the publication of their book.

With over one million authors publishing books each year, we understand that it can be overwhelming and exhausting to learn and understand all of the valuable parts of each key element. Thus, we continue to set up our curriculum to give any author the tools they need and want to use. The success of an author is only determined by the level of growth they want to achieve.

Our programs, while designed for any author to use from any part of the world, we have chosen to limit the number of students that can use our services to no more than 1,000 students per year. We have chosen to do this understanding that although some students will not need our services, many of them will and we want to make sure we can assist each of them with confidence and understanding that we are here to help them to succeed.

To begin your journey of growth and success through our educational programs, simply click here and choose which level of participation you would like to participate in.


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