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B Alan Bourgeois has once again created a program that benefits indie authors from around the world. 2024 the Year of the Indie Author will have events and programs designed to help readers discover and enjoy the many great books that have been created by Indie Authors.

One of the current events that AMI is working on is a “Walk About” that will be held in a variety of cities across the country. This “Walk About” will use the Squirl App as a way for readers to follow a map in a certain area of their local town to discover and meet authors, who have written books with the location the reader goes to. The author will then talk about why they used that location in their book and talk about the book overall. Through the author, a reader can purchase the paper book, or use Squirl to purchase the eBook.

Help us in getting Readers to discover their city and the books about their local area. AMI is currently looking for designated Tour Guides to help create the walking tour in their local city while reaching out to local authors to make sure their books are listed, and they can participate in this unique and fun adventure. To be a local Tour Guide, please contact ASB at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Authors who want to participate should register at the National Authors Day website.  Click here to register: (Website coming soon)

This page will be updated as we move forward in creating more events and programs to unite Readers and Indie Authors.

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