B Alan Bourgeois

Understanding what an NFT is and what it can do for Authors

Zoom Session on Saturday, Sept 16 at 4:30 PM CDT: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86793020188?pwd=RlNIeU5NNzRmUENKZHlNbndOem1zZz09 


Non-Fungible Token is the full name for what is commonly known as NFT. This new superstar to the collectors world is both easy to work with and difficult to understand at times. Currently, it is one of the safest commodities available to the collector.



In this workshop, we will be discussing the basics of what makes up an NFT and how authors can work with it.

The subject matter addressed:

  • What is Blockchain
  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • What is NFT
  • What types of electronic files can be used to create an NFT
  • How can authors use NFTs as an additional source of income?


More about B Alan Bourgeois

Alan has been at the forefront of the newest technologies that have been created around the publishing world, or for authors and writers to use. His years of experience helping authors to learn how to better market and sell themselves keeps him on the edge of learning and growth within the industry.

Bourgeois has won several short story awards, a book award and a speaking award since 2011. You can reach out to him via his website at http://BourgeoisMedia.com

You can view the video here: https://youtu.be/Zk4-REgIEyM 


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