The articles below have been compiled since 2011, thus we ask that you keep that in mind as you read the article and use it to improve upon your understanding of publishing and the publishing world.  It may or not apply to today's publishing world.


Marketing Audiobooks: 13 Ideas for Getting New Listeners

How to Do a Pre-Order

Comparative & Competitive Books Matter

The Long Game

Let’s Make Metadata Great Again

Why Should I Market my Book? A Book Marketing Guide for Indie Authors

Giving Away Free Books

11 tips to help you amplify your press release

10 Tips to Autopilot eBook Marketing

Book Reivews - Foreward Reviews

Instagram for Indie Authors – Creating Picture-Perfect Images

Social Networking — Who To Follow

UnGlue.It – Free eBooks

7 Book Marketing Trends that No Longer Work (and what Indie Authors can do instead)



US Publishers, Authors, and Booksellers Call Out Amazon’s ‘Concentrated Power’ in the Book Market

Adding Anthologies to Your Amazon Author Page

Amazon Reducing Orders to Publishers

Amazon’s Payment Structure

How I Got My Book Listed Before the Amazon Resellers

Amazon's ADD TO CART Button




How I Got My Book Listed Before the Amazon Resellers




UNESCO Names Strasbourg Its World Book Capital 2024

Indian publishing houses are yet to build capabilities to produce audiobooks

Poland’s Authors May Benefit from Pensions, Insurance, Other Benefits

A Plague of Publishing, Marketing, and Fake Literary Agency Scams

When will the Authors be ready for the Revolution?

PEN America Warns Proposed Missouri Bill Could Jail Librarians

Can Bookshop Become the Indie Amazon?

Home Business Budget Tips

Three Kinds of Self-Publishing Author

What are You Doing to Encourage more Reading?

7 Book Promotion Trends & Tips from BookExpo 2019

Literary Agents and the Proper Way to Approach a Literary Agency

A Public Librarian Explains why some Titles don’t make the Cut

Russian Officials Pledge 2019 Support for Independent Booksellers

Tokyo’s New Bunkitsu Bookstore: Designed with an Admission Fee

Publishers Applaud Appeals Court Opinion in ‘Capitol Records v. ReDigi’ Copyright Case

PEN America Files an Amicus Brief on the Right to Literacy in the States

7 Tips for Pitching to an Agent or Editor at a Conference

Author Guild

Spain’s Unique Casa del Lector and Its Intensive Focus on Reading

Three Interviews: How Reader Analytics Can Support Publishers’ Decisions

Stay to Play – An Authors Duty

A Reader's Responsibility

Four Ways to Support Other Writers

What we are seeing today is actually the second renaissance of indie bookselling, not the first

With Fewer Debut Novels Selling, What Do Editors Want To Tell Authors?

Be an inspirator!

Net Neutrality and How it Will Effect YOU

Social Media Overload & Miss Use

Does Anybody Know What a Bestseller Is?

The Future of Your Book

How Publishers Can Fight the Four Horsemen — Amazon, Apple, Google & Facebook

7 Excuses That Will Hold You Back From Success

South Central United States the Worst in Reading Activity

Are Book Festivals a Thing of the Past?


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