Hannah Jacobson

Founder of Book Award Pro



Story marketing is the modern way for authors to get discovered and sell more books.

Learn how story marketing creates a lasting impact for your author brand, master new ways to connect with readers, and drive success for your book.



Story marketing is your fresh approach to connecting with readers and increasing book sales. In this session, you will learn how to:

• Create deep connections with readers and grow book sales

• Build a community surrounding your book

• Stand out from the crowd by sharing every step of your awards journey


More about Hannah Jacobson

Hannah Jacobson started Book Award Pro wielding her laptop, a nerdy obsession with book awards, and the sheer desire to do great things for authors.

Book Award Pro is the world's leading expert in book awards, launching authors around the globe into award-winning success. Hannah is passionate about helping authors leverage their awards for their story marketing, and she has a mission to shift the entire industry forward, one perfect award match at a time.


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