Tired of walking into a bookstore only to be turned down for a book signing because they don’t consider you “real author?”

Does the information highway go so fast that your head spins in a thousand directions with all the information available to you…some great, some horrible?

Let’s face it, in today’s ever-changing publishing world an author not only has to stay up to date on the latest book festivals, and places to sell your book or new websites, etc. But the author also needs to stay up to date on the marketing aspect of publishing.

What social media platform works best for you? What is the latest trend? What are hashtags? How do I do a radio show? What is marketing? What promotional items work best for my book?

ASB continues to help any Authors stay one step ahead of the curve, but it’s still not enough for publishers, bookstores, and even agents to take you seriously. We hope to change that with our new program that started in 2017.

Authors Marketing Certification TM (AMC) is a new continuing education certification that helps the author keep current on trends, programs, etc., that relate to marketing for authors. Each author who paid for a ‘full event ticket’ is automatically enrolled in this program. Complete no less than 10 sessions (hours) during the weekend, and you will become certified for one year as an AMC. All sessions are taught by leaders in their field.

How does the AMC add value to YOU?

  • It provides tools to learn how to market and sell yourself better than the average author.

  • You are given the opportunity to say, “I spent the time to learn how to market myself better!” while other authors only think about doing it. And most people respect someone who has professional initials after their name.

  • Gives you an edge over another author when it comes to publishers, agents, and bookstores. 9 out of 10 publishers in our survey said they would give a publishing contract to someone with an AMC certification before they would an author that did not.

  • Gives you additional exposure on the AME web page listed as an AMC. You will keep up to date on new programs and presentations to keep your certification current and advanced.

  • Access to certain sessions for refresher courses.

But, with all the things you learn, it only has value if you use it!

Authors Marketing Certification is currently available to any Author


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