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Wine & Books are two Markets that are Perfect for each other

In 2015 we began working with the Wine Industry in Texas to help give our members more opportunities in a marketplace that is perfect for books. For a couple of years, we worked with them, and there were some good results, but due to financial restraints, we had to pull back from participating in their annual conference.

We still believe that wine and books are a good pairing just as they are. But we also know that the marketplace for those who buy wine is people who are more inclined to read books. Thus, more of a reason to revisit the combination and see what we can do to increase our visibility in that marketplace.

In Galveston, we are doing a wine and book walk on November 20th as part of our 3rd annual book festival in Galveston. But we don’t want to wait until then to work on this partnership. Therefore, we have created a partnership with a company we have worked with before, Water2Wine.

We will be creating three wines through the Water2Wine store and bottling them to give authors an opportunity to combine books and wine together through the labeling process.

We have selected the following wines to start this project:

Sauvignon Blanc (white) ($25.00 per bottle plus s/h)

French Rose ($25.00 per bottle plus s/h)

Chilean Pinot Noir (red) ($25.00 per bottle plus s/h)

We are encouraging authors to buy a couple of bottles from the ones listed above. The cost includes a custom label with a book cover of their choice. A two-bottle minimum is required. See the image below as an example.

These bottles will make great gifts and a great way to market to either of those markets. You will not be able to sell the wine without the proper license, but you are free to give a bottle away with a special book purchase. Have a new book coming out, what a great pre-order gift that is included in the price of the book. Or, as an in-person raffle drawing at your book launch.

The purchase of the wine will help us to raise money for the DEAR Texas/Indie Literacy projects.

These special batches will take approximately 8 weeks to prepare and to be properly labeled.

If you would like to order a couple of bottles or more, please click on Order Now to order your wine.