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Don’t have the time to learn a new marketing tool?

We get it. It does take time to learn something new and we don’t always have the extra time, or simply don’t want to.

We know Squirl can be a great marketing tool, but you just don’t know if it’s worth the time and effort. Far enough.

For members of the Authors Marketing Guild, we will be glad to help you out for a small fee of $50 per title. You provide us with the information we need, and we will do the following:

• Set up an account for you

• Get your book listed

• Add up to five locations

• Create a QR Code for your social media sharing

• And even set up the first five tweets from our account to promote the book and its location.

All within five days from receipt of the payment and information on the form below.

For Non-Members of Authors Marketing Guild, the cost is $100 for the above per title.

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