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Left Pic is 2020 & 2021 & 2022 Bags - Right Pic is what is available for 2023


Introducing an Economic way to promote your book(s) at book festivals. We are now selling space for the Fall/Winter Bags that will be given out at the Texas Book Festival and other events through February 2023.

Over the years, we have been passing out goodie bags at many of our book festivals. For you, this meant that you had to have bookmarks, postcards, etc., created and shipped, for us to include in the bags, adding up to extra costs and expenses for you.

We now have a new way for you to promote your book(s) directly on our goodie bags. We will print each ad directly onto recycled bio-degradable bags and distribute them to readers at all our events, or until the bags are gone. We will print a total of 2,500 bags, which makes your cost as low as $0.03 to $0.05 per ad display, depending on your ad spot. This is an unbeatable deal with great savings and long-lasting exposure for you and your book(s).

This new display ad will save authors up to $150 over normal print and shipping costs for bookmarks.

We will print new bags in early January, so order your ad space today to meet the print deadline.

Ad Size on the bag for one square is 2.75"h x 2.50"w

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