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Authors School of Business, LLC does not share members' information, emails collected, phone numbers, or any other form of communication with any company outside of the ASB family. Authors School of Business, LLC family includes, Indie Beacon Show, Authors Marketing International LLC, Indie Lector, LLC, and the Texas Authors Institute of History, Inc., DEAR Indie, Inc., or any additional company or nonprofit that grows from the operations of these companies.

There are times that a company, agent for the company may ask us to send out information on their behalf. By doing so, ASB does not guarantee the company's conduct, responsibility, or operations ethics. We are working as a mediator to help distribute information to our members and related lists on their behalf.

At any time, a member, or someone on one of our lists wishes to opt-out of receiving information from us, may do so by unsubscribing from the newsletter that they have received. If members choose to do so, then ASB considers that as a termination of their membership. No refunds on membership balance or any other fees paid by the member will be issued to the member. All funds are forfeited to the Authors School of Business, LLC at the time of membership termination.

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.