Authors School of Business, LLC., (ASB) is designed to help authors one-on-one with consulting and training in all aspects of being a published author. From the initial steps of Pre-Publishing; the key understanding of the various options to get their manuscript ready for publication, along with understanding the various steps and options available to them.

Publishing has many parts to the book's success, including, but not limited to, the book's interior layout, the book cover, the price of the book and so much more. ASB helps the author understand each aspect so that the book has a greater chance of success.

But even when the book is published, the author needs to understand that they have only achieved 10-15% of the work for a book to succeed. A good 80% of the work lies in the marketing of the book. How will readers discover your book and purchase it? The marketing of the book takes time to plan out the optimal opportunity for success. It is not just publishing a book on Amazon and sitting back expecting riches and success.

Sales can be fleeting, so how does an author actually keep the momentum going to help increase the book's success and its future sales? Another aspect that too many authors ignore as they want to begin pushing out their newest book. That move to push out another book within months of the release of a book is what hurts the author the most in increased sales and success.

All of this is the key aspect of what the Authors School of Business is designed to support authors with education, events, and programs geared towards their success. ASB will continue to be motivated and support new ways of thinking, refreshing old ideas, and supporting authors with their success in mind.

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