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Steve Friedman


Editing for Success


So many writers rightfully celebrate getting their story on paper. Then they must face the confusing world of editing amidst a limited budget and time pressures. The Editing for Success session will explain how to do it right.



• When do you pass the manuscript to editors?

• What are the types of editing?

• Where do you get the biggest bang for your buck?

• How can Beta readers work for you?



More about the Steve Friedman

I rekindled my teenage love for writing when I retired in 2018. In writing my first manuscript, I was determined to ensure my book read and looked professional inside and out. First, I had to learn about the myriad of editing steps, and how to select the right editors for my project – all on a self-publishing budget. Next, I created a unique approach to Beta reading, which is often a misused aspect of editing. When I paired my finished manuscript with graphic design and creative marketing, I’m thrilled to have two award-winning books that can make a difference in the world.

My first book was my introspective and therapeutic memoir, In Search of Courage, which was followed in 2021 by my leadership book, The Corporate Introvert. In 2023 I will publish a guidebook for families with Down syndrome in pursuit of independence and personal growth.

In addition to writing, publishing, and marketing my own nonfiction books, I’m drawn to help others bring their stories to the world. I look forward to sharing experiences and advice at the AME Conference, along with handouts to catapult your writing journey.